Data and content security

End Point Security (Anti-virus/ Intrusion detection)

With Kaspersky as tool for end point security, we have implemented various successful project for various clients, Kaspersky is having different feature and is modular in design, it can be used as anti-virus, anti-spam, email firewall and intrusion detection.

We too have Currentware End Point Security solution for Control Device access, USB ports Control, device access reporting.

Browse Control and Internet Monitoring (Current ware)

Currentware as a product we have successfully implemented for Internet Restriction and Internet Monitoring, Currentware can control internet access, URL white and Black List, HTTPS filtering, URL Category filtering, it can track the internet activity, Automated email reports, Bandwidth Monitoring and having unique feature of remote screen capture,
Currentware is having one module for Power Management which can remote shutdown and restart PCs and schedule with Energy Policies

Data Encryption

We have successfully delivered the encryption solutions for many of our clients, Certes as an encryption solution, we can encrypt the data at Layer-2, and it can work as transparent with using AES-256 encryption, Certes is Comply with FIPS Certification.